Why do Basements Flood?

Why Do Basements Flood?


Basement flooding can happen at any time – even if the weather is dry, and even if it’s never happened before. So why do basements flood?  

  • Groundwater – Sometimes the groundwater level can become higher than the level of the basement foundation. Basement flooding can occur if there are any cracks in the walls or the floor. This problem is compounded if your land slopes towards the house, which keeps the groundwater from moving away.
  • Sewers – Why do basements flood in warm weather? Sometimes a sewer system (storm and sanitary alike) can be above the basement floor level. Like groundwater, cracks in the foundation or the walls can cause basement flooding. If the sewer system itself is clogged, then this can cause basement flooding as well.
  • Plumbing problems – If the weather is dry, then perhaps the water supply-line or hot water tank is the source of your basement flooding.
  • Foundation Drainage – Your foundation’s drainage system itself may be malfunctioning. The weeping tile may have deteriorated and cause water to come out of the sump pump.

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