Is Having Silverfish in Your Basement a Problem?

Is Having Silverfish in Your Basement a Problem?


Is Having Silverfish in Your Basement a Problem?

The short answer: maybe! Having silverfish in your basement is common in some parts of Maryland and Virginia, and it doesn’t automatically mean that something major is wrong. Silverfish can become pests in numbers, but aside from looking gross, they don’t spread diseases to humans. With that said, however, they can be a sign of a serious structural problem in your basement that may need to be addressed.   

What are Silverfish Doing in My Basement?

Silverfish are nocturnal bugs that spend their nights foraging for food. Sometimes their meals could be cardboard, and sometimes it could be old photographs (so they can become a menace to your precious scrapbook collection).

Here’s the thing that should concern you: silverfish love moisture, so if you see them in your basement, then it could be too damp. This could be weather-related, or it could be due to foundational problems and groundwater seeping in.

What to do if I Find Silverfish in My Basement?

If you are finding a large number of these creepy crawlers in your basement, then it could be time to contact the professionals. Before you call the exterminator though, you might want to contact a basement remodeling company instead. After all, if this is a structural problem that is causing the infestation, then the silverfish will probably return once the chemicals wear off.

So before you “bug bomb” your entire basement, contact the professionals at Basement Masters (Maryland and Virginia only) and schedule an appointment for inspection. You’ll find that the solution might be as easy as installing a dehumidifier, or even a simple caulk job. We’re ready to inspect your basement and discuss permanent options to solve your silverfish problem today!

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