We Remodel Luxury Basements in Maryland

We Remodel Luxury Basements in Maryland


We Remodel Luxury Basements in Maryland

Basement Masters is a local business that has been designing hundreds of luxury basements in Maryland ever since 2006. From construction to design, we specialize only in creating the finest luxury basements in Maryland to date and seeing them through to completion. In fact, your downstairs is the only area of the property that we will work on.

Our expert basement remodeling team can easily translate your fanciest basement ideas into actual working schematics and 3D models. You’ll have total creative control as we transform your basement into how you’ve always envisioned it, right down to the final interior touches like paintjobs and flooring (at no extra charge).

Commercial or residential, no project is too large for our professional team. We can deploy multiple architects and engineers to a site as needed, and securing the appropriate permits according to your county’s law is a both a necessity and our specialty. In addition, every project has a 1-year labor warranty, with additional basement protection plans available. We also are insured at a minimum of $1 million for every project we work on.

Basement Masters understands that reputation means everything. Aside from hundreds of positive reviews online, we have a long list of satisfied clients and partners who will gladly share their experiences with you. For a full list of references, please email us at contacts@basementmasters.com.



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