Is Your Basement Ready for Winter?

Is Your Basement Ready for Winter?


Is Your Basement Ready for Winter?

You prepare your home for winter by having energy efficient windows, installing weather strips, and other common methods, but have you given any thought to your basement this year? It’s one of the most important areas to get ready for winter.

Your basement is where the HVAC system, pipes, furnace, water heater and other important utilities can be found. When the basement is cold, these utilities require more energy to properly function. So if you have an extra cold basement, you are adding to your electric bill.

A cold basement also means the floor upstairs will be cold, too. This feels uncomfortable to walk on and also puts extra demand on your HVAC system.

Meanwhile, cold air can also be getting through your basement windows. If you have a single-pane, steel-framed window, it’s more likely to become rusty and let cold air through. Choose thicker glass with a better frame designed to keep out the harsh winter winds.

The next step, after sealing your windows, is to insulate the walls. Basement wall insulation retains heat and gives your HVAC system a break. The less your HVAC system has to work, the cheaper your utility bills will be.

A basement dehumidifier (designed for below-grade spaces) will further alleviate cold basement problems.


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