How to Dry Carpet in the Basement Yourself

How to Dry Carpet in the Basement Yourself


How to Dry Carpet in the Basement Yourself

If you have a basement flood and the source of the water is clean (not from the sewage system or appliance drain water), then you can probably dry the basement carpet yourself (though not always the pad). Here’s how to dry carpet in basement that’s been damaged by floodwaters.

If the basement flood is from a burst pipe, shut off the water. Shut off the electricity before you step foot on the basement carpet to protect yourself from shock. Unplug everything from the wall and get all power cords and surge strips off the floor.

Instead of a wet vacuum, try to rent an extractor — they are much more effective at removing water from the carpet — and rent a commercial dehumidifier, too. Use the extractor until all of the excess water has been removed.

Roll back the carpet carefully and remove the wet pad underneath. You can cut this pad into strips and let it dry in your driveway or you can simply buy a new one to install.

Go back inside and lay the carpet back down. Turn on the dehumidifier and set the temperature downstairs to 75 degrees or less. Anything higher encourages bacterial growth on the basement carpet.

If any of the appliances in your basement were submerged in water, contact an electrician and have them inspected before plugging them back in.

Hopefully, if you perform all of these steps within 72 hours of the initial basement flood, you will stop mold from growing on the carpet and can have it reinstalled.

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