Basement Space Planning Guide

Basement Space Planning Guide


Basement contractors can remodel a basement in many different ways, but it always helps to do some basement space planning on your own first. In fact, the more basement space planning you do, the more easily you’ll be able to communicate ideas with your basement contractor.

What to Consider Before Finishing or Remodeling a Basement

Basement finishing and remodeling turns a basement into a true extension of your home. Here are three main considerations to work into your plans:

  • Basement space – Make sure you are able to realistically fit all of your basement ideas into your basement layout plan. Multipurpose rooms generally require a lot of space and an open layout.
  • Moisture – Be prepared to waterproof a basement to keep water from damaging your design.
  • Utility Systems – Basement contractors can remodel a space into whatever you desire; however, they may have to move ductwork, electrical wiring, plumbing and even entire gas lines to do so. Keeping your mechanical hookups the same will save on basement remodeling costs.

Common Basement Remodeling & Finishing Problems

As the leading basement contractors in Maryland, Virginia and DC, we often see these problems while remodeling and finishing basements. Fortunately, we a basement remodeling company that knows how to solve them!

  • Moisture – All water leaks must be addressed before any basement remodeling or finishing can begin. Even if there are no leaks, water can still get into the basement through humidity.
  • Utility layout – Mechanical systems such as furnaces and hot water heaters can be expensive to remove and reinstall. Knowing the load calculation of your current basement layout will help basement contractors immensely.
    • We have the experience needed to pick out the appropriate HVAC system for your basement.
    • We try to design around existing mechanical systems whenever possible.

  • Columns – Basement columns are often needed for support.
    • We can add decorative columns or remove a support column in favor of other load-bearing solutions that look nicer.

  • Ductwork – Leaving exposed ductwork does not look attractive and can even sometimes be a low-hanging hazard.
    • can cover your ductwork with a variety of stunning ceiling options.

  • Low ceilings – Low-hanging ceilings can sometimes be resolved with tray ceilings and other similar designs. If all else fails, digging out a basement to lower the floor is always an option. Basement Space Planning and Remodeling Experts has remodeled hundreds of basements across Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. Contact us today for your free basement space planning estimate. We are the best Maryland-based basement contractors, so call today!   


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