Basement Remodeling Costs: Splurge or Save?

Basement Remodeling Costs: Splurge or Save?


There are a lot of different ways to spend money on basement remodeling costs, but spending smart is the key to a successful project. Basement remodeling can be a pleasure for future guests and your wallet if you follow these tips to keep basement remodeling costs low.

Open Rooms Versus Separate Rooms

Unless you prefer privacy, having an open space is usually cheaper than separate rooms. Basement remodeling costs can go up in terms of additional drywall, studs and designer doors once the floorplans call for separate rooms.

Use LVT Where Possible

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are impressive-looking, relatively inexpensive, and can be manufactured to look like many different building materials, including hardwood floors and even marble. They are also scuff-and-scratch-resistant, meaning you usually also save additional money on maintenance in the long run.

Ask the Professionals

If you are already straining your budget with a basement remodeling project, then there is nothing wrong with leaving a few ideas out. The best basement remodeling companies (like Basement Masters) will offer you a personal consultant who can draft excellent ideas that still fall within your basement remodeling costs.

What to Spend On

Now that we've told you a few ways to save on basement remodeling costs, let's talk about areas that should absolutely be focused on every time.

The Wet Bar

If you plan on entertaining guests, you have to have a place to really “wow” them. Putting extra money into a customized ceiling and columns are two great ways to create a friendly gathering space.


The right lighting is a way to make all of your architectural upgrades really pop out. Windows can be a great way to let natural let in, but they can also be hard to come by in basements sometimes. Custom lighting is a great way to create a warm atmosphere for you and guests.

Ceiling Insulation

For most basement remodeling projects, ceiling insulation is not a good area to skimp out on. A properly insulated basement will keep noise from reaching other rooms from upstairs, which is especially important if you have a theater or home office. It's better to insulate your basement than to let loud footsteps from above put a damper on your next social gathering!

Want More Great Ideas to Save on Basement Remodeling Costs?

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