5 Common Basement Problems

5 Common Basement Problems


5 Common Basement Problems

Whether your basement is finished or still needs to be remodeled, all basements tend to have the same types of problems due to the very location and design of the area itself. Basement Masters has remodeled countless basements throughout Maryland, Virginia, Baltimore and DC, and sometimes we see these fairly common basement problems. Here are 5 basement problems to check for in your home:

  • Humidity – Moisture in the air causes condensation on surfaces. This leads to mold, corrosion, and other forms of rot. Fix any leaks, make sure your gutters are clean and the right length to properly carry water away from your foundation, and grab a dehumidifier if needed.
  • Bad Smells – A foul basement odor is another sign of water collecting somewhere in the basement or at least high levels of humidity. Check all surfaces that are wood, drywall, fiberglass, leather, cloth or painted.
  • Cracks and Leaks – Whether it’s in your windows or your foundation, cracks can let water into your basement and eventually cause structural damage. All basement cracks must be measured by a professional basement contractor using diagnostic tools to determine how serious it is to the integrity of your home.
  • Mold – Early signs of mold can be eliminated with a fan and special mold-killing products. Large amounts of mold will require additional methods. If you see a small amount of mold, call a professional basement contractor. There may be mold on the other side of the surface or in other areas that you may not think to inspect.
  • Needs Remodeling – If you feel like your basement might have an outdated design, it probably does! It’s all-too-common to let a basement become drab and dreary, but once the basement has been remodeled, it often quickly becomes the most favorite area of the home!

Solve Common Basement Problems with Basement Masters

Basement Masters has over 10 years of experience resolving all of these common basement problems. We are a Maryland-based basement remodeling company with the tools and expertise needed to update your design structurally and cosmetically. With Basement Masters, your common basement problems are transformed into beautiful and elegant solutions!

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