4 Practical Solutions for a Cold Basement

4 Practical Solutions for a Cold Basement


4 Practical Solutions for a Cold Basement

cold basement will never keep you from enjoying every last bit of your home again once you've implemented these cold basement solutions. These effective cold basement solutions are brought to you by the expert basement contractors at Basement Remodeling Company, a leading finishing and remodeling company based in Rockville, MD since 2006.   


If it’s just a tad too cold, then a basement fireplace can heat up a single room or a small portion of an open design nicely. Basement fireplaces can be gas or electric. This is usually the most affordable heating option as far as solutions go.

 A basement fireplace can really boost the heat of not only the downstairs, but the entire home as well.
Browse our wide variety of basement fireplaces ideas. 

Cold Air Return

A cold air return in the basement is a special type of wall grill that lets air easily flow back to the furnace to be reheated. When it comes to installing a basement cold air return, placement matters. A basement cold air return that’s close to the floor will ensure that warm continuously flows over the floor, which is the coldest part of a basement – so the lower they are installed, the better.

Basement Insulation

Depending on the geographical climate of your location, installing extra insulation can help offset heat loss. Even basic door and window weatherstripping can keep warm air inside of your basement as well as plugging basic drafts. Sometimes installing basement insulation is not cost-effective, so it depends on the amount of insulation needed.


Aside from fixing and preventing leaks, waterproofing the basement also ensures that there are no cracks for outside air to get in. This improves the quality of your air and also keeps your basement at the desired temperature year-round.

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