3 Things to Know Before Remodeling/Finishing a Basement

3 Things to Know Before Remodeling or Finishing a Basement


Whether you are remodeling or finishing a basement in Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia, the general approach is still going to be the same. You should always have some idea of the process before contacting a basement remodeling company for an estimate. Here’s everything you need to know before getting started on a remodeling or finishing project in MD, DC, or VA.

Budget for Soundproofing

It’s exciting to have a new playroom, billiards room or family room in the basement, but you need to insulate the basement ceiling to keep the noise from traveling throughout the house. Fiberglass or stone wool insulation are two common soundproofing materials that your basement contractor will be able to readily use.

In addition, special drop ceilings and other architectural solutions can change the acoustics of the room to contain noise. Attachment clips that go onto the drywall are one of the most cost-efficient noise barriers available.

Spacious Ceilings

The minimum ceiling height for Maryland and Washington DC basements is 7 feet, and 6’8 feet in Virginia (this can vary from county to county), but many clients want to raise the ceiling to make it look as roomy as the rest of their home. Fortunately, we are a basement remodeling company that is familiar with advanced ceiling options and high-end basement ceiling designs.

Pay Attention to Permits

A good basement remodeling contractor will be able to provide all permits so that you will not have to worry about this stage of development. There is a lot of paperwork and approval during this process that your basement contractor will be able to routinely handle. If you don’t have a basement contractor with all of the permits, the building department could penalize you and even make you tear down your basement remodeling project.

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