3 Ideas to Lower Basement Remodeling Costs

3 Ideas to Lower Basement Remodeling Costs


3 Ideas to Lower Basement Remodeling Costs

Basement remodeling costs can add up quickly if you aren’t careful. Fortunately, a skilled basement contractor knows exactly how to keep the basement remodeling costs down. These simple considerations will prevent you from adding unnecessary basement remodel costs.

Get at Least 3 Quotes from Basement Contractors

The best way to save on basement remodeling costs is not to get overcharged. Getting at least three separate quotes from basement remodeling companies is a good way to establish a general idea of the costs involved. Don’t choose a basement contractor who charges way more or way less than the other two.

Build Around Existing Infrastructure

If you are looking for an easy way to save money, then try to build around the existing electrical and plumbing sources if possible. If you already have the plumbing installed for an existing basement bathroom, for example, then upgrading around the existing infrastructure can save you money.  

Choose the Right Type of Insulation

You may need to reinsulate your basement depending on where you live to pass code. Basement insulation has a numerical value called the R-value. The heavier the insulation, the higher its R-value.

The 2018 International Residential Code sets the minimum requirements for basement insulation based on your designated climate zone. Climate Zones 1 and 2 do not require insulation.

  • Climate Zone 3 requires R-5 insulation
  • Climate Zone 4 requires R-10 insulation (except the Marine portion)
  • Climate Zone 5 (and Climate Zone Marine 4) need R-15 insulation

Check out this climate zone graph to see which climate zone you are in.

Going with lower R-value insulation may cost less upfront, but it will ultimately retain less heat and may require your heating and cooling system to work harder in the long run. A professional basement contractor will run tests on your basement (like a blower door test) to measure the air flow in your basement and determine how much insulation is necessary.


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