10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Basement Contractor

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Basement Contractor


10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Basement Contractor

Whether you want to finish or completely remodel, a basement contractor has the professional expertise that’s required to ensure your downstairs area is fully up to code and looking fantastic for years to come. One of the hardest parts about remodeling or finishing a basement, however, is finding the right basement contractor to do the job. Fortunately, asking these 10 questions will give you all of the information you need to know to find the best basement remodeling company!

1. How long have you been remodeling and finishing basements?

Asking basement contractors how long they have been in the business for is better than asking how many basements they have worked on. You want a basement remodeling company who has stayed in business for a long time as opposed to a newer business who is taking on many projects at once.

2. Are you a basement-only contractor?

Companies that focus only on basements are almost always more efficient than general construction companies. They typically have the best quality materials at the lowest price due to business connections.

3. Do you have a valid state license?

If anything goes wrong and a basement contractor is not licensed, then you will not be able to go to the state’s licensing board to seek restitution.

4. How much are you insured for?

With so many basement remodeling companies to choose from, you want to go with one that has more than just minimum coverage.

5. How many people are on your team?

Most companies should have a team page clearly showing who they work with. If they give jobs to subcontractors, then the company should know these subcontractors well and work with them for years.

6. Can I go to a job site?

Good basement contractors will have references who are willing to let you into their home and look at their work. If not, then they should be willing to take you to a site that is under construction for a brief tour so that you can see their work and ask questions.

7. What is your timeframe?

A general timeframe should clearly outline exact price points and estimated dates for each step.

8. Do you pull permits?

Every construction project requires permits from the stat. “Pulling permits” simply means that you receive a copy of each permit. Every basement contractor should do this for you.

9. Do you use products that are specially designed for basements?

Basement contractors should have waterproofing systems to prevent mold and moisture, and special products for foundation repairs as well.

10. How are selections handled?

Some companies let you pick products out at a local store on your own, but the best ones will have a designer and a selection catalogue of their own materials to choose from.

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