Wicomico County, MD Building Permits and More

Wicomico County, MD Building Permits and More


Wicomico County, MD Building Permits and More

If you are remodeling a basement in Wicomico County, MD building permits can be obtained by emailing this completed building permit form to permits@wicomicocounty.org or by mailing it to:

125 N. Division Street
Room 201 Government Office Building
Salisbury, Maryland 21801

 You’ll need to include 2 site plans that have the following information:

  • The foundation plans
  • All interior details including doors, windows and fixture locations
  • Framing plans
  • Cross sections
  • Front, side and rear elevations
  • Insulation R-values along with the size of the windows with U-factors and the solar heat gain coefficient (SGC)

The cost of the building permit can vary. In general, the estimated construction costs can be as low as $70 per square foot (up to 1,500 square feet) and as high as $100 per square foot (for 4,001 square feet and over). Check out the full list of estimations here.

Wicomico County, MD Electrical Permits

An electrical permit is required for any electrical work, no matter how large or small. These permits cost $25.00 and can be mailed or emailed to the same address that has handles building permits (this does not include inspection fees). They expire after one year.

Wicomico County, MD HVAC Permits

In Wicomico County, an HVAC permit is not required to install HVAC systems. However, the contractor still must have the appropriate HVAC license.

Wicomico County, MD Health and Plumbing Permits

In most cases, a building permit as well as a plumbing permit cannot be obtained without first getting a health permit from the Health Department. If you are working on a well, then this department will also write a letter of approval (as required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy and Use). Contact the Health Department at 410-546-4446 for all of the required steps to obtain a plumbing permit.

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