Prince George's County, MD Remodeling & Finishing Permits

Prince George's County MD Remodeling & Finishing Permits


This helpful and simple guide outlines every single permit you may need if you're planning to remodel or refinish your basement in Prince George's County, Maryland this 2020. We've included all of the relevant fees and links to the forms for each permit.

Note: Prince George's County has moved most of its permit applications to an online system, so you'll need to apply online. Also, it's important to check if you'll even need a permit before getting started, and the county website has a handy list covering every possible instance of when you may or may not need one.

Prince George's County MD Building Permits

All building permit applications are filed through their online system.

Permit fees vary wildly depending on the depth and complexity of your project. The following is a list of the most relevant basement remodeling or finishing fees. For the sake of brevity, fees are based on the minimum—projects that exceed the minimum require more (you can see the full fee schedule and extra fees here).

Residential Building Fees

  • Residential Addition: $340
  • Interior Alteration/Repair: $90
  • Alteration/Repair without U&O: $150
  • Basement Finishing: $340

The county website has an extremely handy permit requirements list detailing every possible instance of when you may or may not need a permit.

Electrical Permits

You'll need to fill out and submit an electrical permit application through the county's online system. You can see the pdf of the application form and fees here.

Electrical permit fees are also highly situational, depending on your project.

Electrical Permit Fees

  • A/C Equipment Unit: $30
  • Appliance: $45
  • Audio/Visual Equipment: $85
  • Heating Equipment Unit: $30
  • Thermostat: $45

There are quite a few more list items on the the fee schedule form, but most are for very specific things, such as installing a swimming pool, an MRI, or dentist chair.

Mechanical Permits

The fee for a mechanical permit is 1% the cost of the mechanical work or $65, whichever is higher, plus a 5% technology fee tacked on. Unfortunately, most projects modifying or installing any type of mechanical equipment will require a permit (you won't have to submit any mechanical drawings or plans), but be sure to adhere to what the Prince George's County website says:

"A mechanical permit is required to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert, or replace a mechanical heating, ventilating, or air-conditioning system, the installation of which is regulated by the International Mechanical Code (IMC), International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC), or the International Residential Code (IRC), as appropriate. These pieces of equipment include, but are not limited to furnaces, heat pumps, air-conditioning units, range hoods, cooling towers, chillers, fuel-oil tanks and piping systems, and boilers."

On the plus side, there seems to be no additional fees for mechanical permit applications. However, you will need an HVAC contractor's license to apply for a mechanical permit.

Future Updates

We'll either update this list next year or create another article when any permit fees change or any other requirements are changed. Let us know in the comments below if we missed/messed up anything or if there's any other information you'd like to see here!

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