Montgomery County, MD Permits and Fees (Basement Remodeling)

Montgomery County, MD Permits and Fees (Basement Remodeling)


Montgomery County, MD Permits and Fees (Basement Remodeling)

This quick guide will show you where to find online Montgomery County, MD permit applications, as well as explaining the fees and other requirnements for your next basement remodeling project.

Montgomery County, MD Building Permit

In order to obtain a Montgomery County, MD building permit, you must submit your completed application to:

Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services

255 Rockville Pike, 2nd Floor

Rockville, MD 20850—4166

You must also include two sets of plans (including site plans). A set plan includes the following:

Drainage Plans (2 Sets):

  • Property lines
  • Lot dimensions
  • All existing drainage systems, devices, and “other impervious structures”
  • Elevations of the basement floor
  • Arrows pointing the drainage pattern on all current and proposed drainage systems
  • A seal of approval from a Maryland-based engineer, survey or architect, including their date and official signature.

Architectural Plans (2 sets):

  • One floor plan should outline existing rooms and include the room’s purpose, dimensions, materials, exit routes, and stairs, doors, and windows
  • One floor plan should outline proposed rooms and include the same information.
  • The gross square footage of the new space needs to be included
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms must be included
  • Existing foundational structures must be included, and size, spacing, and material of all sheathing, rafters, trusses, joints, beams, and other “framing elements” must be outlined
  • The proposed foundational structures must be included, and the same information about framing elements must be provided.
  • Crawl space information
  • Brace wall lines and braced wall panels
  • Doors, windows, and other exterior exits must be shown
  • Vertical dimensions (ceiling heights, ductwork clearances, window and door opening dimensions, etc.
  • Thermal envelope
  • Stairway materials and dimensions of all treads, risers, landings, winders, guards, handrails

Check out the full list of Montgomery County, MD building permit plan requirements.

Most of the time, your building permit fee will be $0.71 per square feet.

Electrical Permits

A Montgomery County, MD electrical permit is required for “work that involves installing, relocating, repairing, or maintaining any electrical wiring or device designed for conducing, consuming or converting electrical current” (no matter the amperage), and costs at least $90.00.  

Mechanical Permits

A mechanical permit is needed for HVAC work, and cost a minimum of $65.00.

Septic System Approval

Almost every basement remodeling project must be reviewed by the state for septic system compliance. Read more information.

Fire Alarm Permit

Any installation, alteration, or modification of the fire alarm system requires a permit, including repairs. The fee depends on the number of fire alarms on the premises.

What is the Minimum Ceiling Clearance Requirement for Montgomery County, MD Basement Remodeling Projects?

Since there are conflicting laws in Montgomery County, MD for basement ceiling heights, the legal height of your basement ceiling depends on the year that the building permit was issued. If the permit was issued before October 2000, the minimal ceiling height is 6’8, and 6’4 when obstructions such as beams, columns, and ducts are present (they also have to be a minimum of 4” on center). If the permit was issued after October 2000, then the minimal ceiling height is 7“, with a minimum of 6’6 in regards to beams and girders (again, they also have to be a minimum of 4” on center).

Read the full explanation.

Additional Permit Fees

If you need to resubmit your permit application for any reason, it usually costs $49.00 for each resubmission.

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