Arlington, VA Permits and Fees for Basement Remodeling (Updated 2020)

Arlington, VA Permits and Fees for Basement Remodeling (Updated 2020)


This guide provides links for all of the permits for your next Arlington, Virginia basement project.

Arlington, VA Building Permits

Building permits can be obtained by making an account with the Arlington County E-plan Review, which allows you to digitally submit your plans and building permit application. The site plans must:

  • Be scaled so that an 1/8th inch equals one square foot (minimum); all dimensions must be listed
  • The year of the code used for the design
  • Building designer’s name, address, and occupation (with electronic signature, seal and date if possible)
  • Material specifications (lumber grade, concrete and steel strength, etc.)
  • Foundation plan
  • Floor plans with labeled rooms
  • Smoke alarm locations
  • Sheathing thickness and type of a “typical wall section”
  • R-value and U-factors of insulation
  • Wall bracing (including locations for braced wall lines and panels)
  • Building cross sections with labeled posts, joists and beams
  • Frontal, side and rear elevations with window and door dimensions, along with exterior grade
  • Safety glazing locations
  • Design specifications for pre-fabricated fireplaces according to manufacturer

Building permits in Arlington, VA cost around $60.00-$120.00 for a typical residential basement remodeling project.

A full list of building permit requirements can be found here.

The Architectural, Structural and Mechanical Plan Requirements

The Architectural, Structural and Mechanical Plan Requirements (ASMP) is a strict list of regulations that all basement remodeling projects must follow. However, these requirements can sometimes be waived with the request of a waiver that has been signed by the property owner.

Arlington, VA Electrical Permit

The average cost of an electrical permit in Arlington, Virginia is $60.00, with a $7.20 charge per circuit. An electrical permit application can be found here. Electrical, Plumbing, and mechanical permit fees can all be found in the same pdf file.

Arlington, VA Plumbing & Gas Permit

The average cost of a plumbing permit in Arlington, Virginia is $56.00, with an additional $24.00 charge for every fixture, drain and appliance. The plumbing and gas permit application can be found here. Gas fixtures are included with a plumbing permit, but the rest of fees can be found here.

Arlington, VA Mechanical Permit

A mechanical permit must be obtained for any boilers, furnaces, HVAC systems, refrigeration systems, and any other components related to these systems. You must submit a copy of the plan showing all new systems along with the mechanical permit application.

The average cost of a mechanical permit in Arlington, VA is $171.00 for the first HVAC system (plus the base fee of $56.00). Additional HVAC systems will cost an extra $57.00 each. A total list of fees can be found inside the Inspection Services Fee Schedule pdf file.

More Information About Arlington, VA Basement Remodeling Permits

Any additional questions can be answered by calling a county permit specialist at 703-228-3800 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m, Monday through Friday.

You can also stop by the office in person at:
2100 Clarendon Blvd. Suite 1000 (10th floor)
Arlington, VA 22201

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