What You Need to Know Before Turning Your Crawl Space into a Basement

What You Need to Know Before Turning Your Crawl Space into a Basement


Turning your crawl space into a basement requires the expert knowledge of basement contractors who know how to keep the project within cost and building code requirements. Here is how a basement contractor will successfully prevent mold, mildew, rodents, pests and other problems from forming when turning your crawl space into a basement.

Basement Remodeling Consultation and Assessment

Before turning your crawl space into a basement, remodeling companies will assess the condition of the crawl space for damage or mold. A basement contractor has the professional equipment to detect trace sources of mold on the walls, joists, ductwork, and insultation. All mold and moisture must be removed before turning your crawl space into a basement or else additional problems will require more basement remodeling in the future.

Moisture Control (Waterproofing) in the Basement

A crawl space with a soil floor invites moisture and humidity into the home that needs to be dealt with. A basement remodeling company will be able to line the floor and foundation with a vapor barrier and then properly tape the seams so that moisture from the floor no longer evaporates into the air you breathe. The basement contractor will know exactly which type of vapor barrier to use, as they vary in composition, thickness, strength and overall durability.

Aside from mold prevention, basement remodeling companies reduce moisture in the home so that the electric work does not short out, the metal does not rust, and the wood and drywall do not rot. Less moisture in the air means your HVAC system does not have to work as hard, lowering energy bills. Applying a vapor barrier also extends the length of your pipes since they will not rust as easily.

Basement Construction

Turning your crawl space into a basement is a delicate process that requires expert basement architectural and design knowledge from a professional basement remodeling company. Digging out a crawl space requires permits and the proper submission of complex engineering drafts and other documents to various appropriate city departments for approval. Improperly turning your crawl space into a basement without a professional basement remodeling company is costly and dangerous, so leave nothing to chance and hire a basement remodeling company.

Turning Your Crawl Space into a Basement with Basement Masters

Turning your crawl space into a basement is a professional experience with BasementRemodeling.com. We have the expertise and resources needed to turn your crawl space into a luxury basement with all of the latest amenities. If you need basement remodeling contractors in Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia, then contact us today.

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