What is a Finished Basement (4 Requirements)

What is a Finished Basement (4 Requirements)


Basement finishing is the process of making a basement suitable to live in all year long. The best basement finishing companies will make your basement look absolutely gorgeous and add value to the home, but what is a finished basement’s minimum requirements?

Basement finishing focuses on:

  • Heating – Basement finishing companies must install a permanent heat source (electricity, natural gas, residential or commercial propane tank, or heating oil). Portable space heaters and window units are not enough (though permanent baseboard heaters are).
  • Flooring – Simply painting over a concrete floor is not basement finishing. Attractive basement flooring options such as luxury vinyl tiling or laminate flooring are good choices (regular hardwood is not a good choice due to moisture concerns). High-quality carpeting is fine.
  • Ceiling – Most local building ordinances require a ceiling with a minimum height of seven feet. However, most basement finishing companies make the ceiling around seven-feet-nine-inches to avoid feeling too cramped. Basement tray ceilings can also add much-needed height to a room. After all, what is a finished basement good for if the ceiling is still too low?
  • Stairs & railings – A finished basement must be easily accessible from the rest of the house. Stairs are required; ladders will simply not do.

The best basement finishing companies can add additional finishing touches such as . . .

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