What Color Should You Paint the Basement Walls?

What Color Should You Paint the Basement Walls?


What Color Should You Paint the Basement Walls?

It’s 2017 and owning a dreadfully dark basement with wood paneling is thankfully a thing of the past. Now experimenting with bright colors for basement walls has become the norm, but choosing the very best colors still largely depends on the architecture of the basement itself. If you’ve been asking yourself “what color should I paint the basement walls” lately, this quick guide will surely help narrow down your options.

Bright colors for basements can be stylishly exciting and unusual!

How to Determine the Best Colors for Basement Walls

A dark basement can always be cheered up with bright colors, but choosing the best colors for basement walls mostly depends on the lighting:

  • Yellow paint reflects natural light the best. If you have a walk out basement or plenty of windows, then yellow paint will successfully brighten the atmosphere nicely. Without natural light, however, certain shades of yellow tend to fall flat.
  • Avoid shiny paints for the basement. Although they reflect light better, Eggshell and Ulti-matte finishes look better on drywall.
  • Matching your walls with your trim can make the basement look bigger and brighter, but only choose bright colors.

When Are Bright Colors for Basements Not the Best Idea?

Shadows are the enemy of bright colors. Shadows can make even a fresh coat of bright paint look dirty and old instantly. This problem can always be corrected with the appropriate basement lighting ideas.

You can keep your colors crisp and shadows at bay with different basement lighting ideas.

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