Should You Remodel a Basement with a Universal Design?

Should You Remodel a Basement with a Universal Design?


Should You Remodel a Basement with a Universal Design?

There’s a new trend sweeping basement remodeling, and it’s called Universal Design remodeling. This is where the basement is made readily-accessible for all age groups, and it’s a good idea if you have young children or the elderly sharing the same space. Here’s how to remodel a basement using a Universal Design . . .

Basement Bathroom Remodeling

A basement bathroom remodel with a Universal Design will have easy-to-use “lever” faucet handles that require little pulling. Showers can be made without a curb for wheelchair access (and to prevent falling hazards). Detachable handheld shower wands can easily be used by those who are handicapped while sitting down.

Kitchenette Remodeling

Lowering the counters can give your kitchenette a Universal Design (a section of the counter can still be normal barstool height if desired).The cabinets and drawers should be especially easy to open and the faucets can have lever handles or even run on motion sensors.  

Lighting Remodels

Remodeling your basement lighting is essential to providing a Universal Design. The goal is to make sure there is adequate lightning in high-traffic areas (especially on the stairs). Light switches and outlets should be accessible from a wheelchair, too.


All doorways should be wide enough for wheelchairs and baby strollers to easily fit through. Avoid doorways with small ledges and steps, as these could be falling hazards.

Basement Masters Understands Universal Design

Basement Masters understands your needs and can custom remodel a basement to incorporate the standard principles of Universal Design while looking stylish and sleek. Whether you are expecting children or just want to live in your home well into your senior years, Basement Masters will work with you to remodel a fantastic-looking basement that can be enjoyed during all phases of life. Contact us to learn more about what true Universal Design can do for you and your loved ones.

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