How to Get the Best Basement Lighting for Each Room

How to Get the Best Basement Lighting for Each Room


How to Get the Best Basement Lighting for Each Room

The best basement lighting accentuates all of your basement decorating ideas and spaces. Basement lighting options vary from room to room and different basement lighting ideas can even be used in place of physical walls to create fun spaces.

So, whether you have a basement remodel with half-walls, full walls or a wide-open space with no walls at all, you (and the basement remodeling contractors) still need to find the best basement lighting for each room . . .

  • Kids basement playroom – Soft white bulbs evenly spaced apart will avoid creating dramatic shadows that can scary kids. Basement playrooms with recessed LED lighting will create the right mood for your children’s basement playroom.
  • Spare basement bedroom – Soft white LED basement lighting options, combined with eye-level furnishings such as lamps, enhances the room with intimacy.
  • Full basement bathroom – Bright ceiling or recessed lighting options provide general ambiance,. The vanity area should have additional lighting options above the mirror or on both sides. The shower and tub area should be lit as well. Wall-mounted cabinets can be fitted with strip lighting.
  • Kitchen-like wet bars – Soft white LED lightbulbs on a dimmer switch will allow you to adjust the atmosphere as needed. Areas for food preparation should ideally have brighter lights than counters meant for lounging, which can use softer recessed LED lighting.
  • Basement family room – Eye-level lighting options (lamps, etc.) should combine with recessed lighting around artwork and fireplaces.

Basement Wall Colors and Lighting Options

Basement remodeling generally involves a brighter color scheme than the rest of your home due to the lack of natural light. Brighter lightbulbs highlight the contrast between colors for a more dramatic effect, so if you use dark wall colors in combination with bright lights, you are going to get a lot of shadows (this is generally not wanted, but can be used to create a sophisticated look in certain situations).

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