Hottest Basement Design Trends—Top Four Designs of 2019

Hottest Basement Design Trends—Top Four Designs of 2019


Home design trends, including basement design trends, are always in a constant state of flux. What was trendy last year can easily be considered obsolete by the next year—or it could stay popular for decades.

Basements are often disregarded when it comes to design, but they’re no longer merely a place for storage or basic rooms. Aside from adding a lovely new look to your home, taking the time to design a beautiful basement can actually prove quite lucrative for the overall value of your home. But, with the market constantly changing, what trends should you be on the lookout for in 2019?

We’ve compiled a list of the four hottest basement design trends of 2019—each with a broken down pros and cons list. Many of these trends directly complement each other and work exceptionally well when combined together. 

1. Open concept

While an open concept is a basement design trend that’s not really unique to 2019, it’s a rather timeless floor plan decision that’s unlikely to die any time soon. 

A vast majority of homes with two or more floors typically put far more consideration into the design of the main floor. Basements are traditionally left dark, relatively closed off, and divided into multiple secluded sections or rooms—often only accessible from a long, single hallway. An open concept design simply opens-up your basement space!

Roomy, open concept design for a home in Rockville, MDRoomy, open concept design for a home in Rockville, MD


  • Flexibility: Open concept designs provide a greater range of flexibility. Instead of committing different rooms for particular purposes, you can instead have a large multipurpose room. To avoid a "vacant" feel with an open concept, you can strategically break the space up by using furniture, columns, or even something a bit more extravagant like a wet bar! 
  • Improved natural lighting: An open concept floor plan allows natural light to easily fill your basement space. If you’re looking for a way to bring more natural light into your basement, an open concept is definitely the way to go. 


  • Lack of privacy: An open concept design is just that—open. The area doesn’t allow for much privacy.

Overall, we recommend an open concept design if you’re looking for a way to make your basement more comfortable and allow more natural lighting to flood the space. If you’re planning on using rooms for multiple different purposes, or simply want some extra privacy, an open concept may not be the best choice.

2. Walkouts

Similar to an open concept floor plan, a walkout isn’t necessarily a basement design trend unique to 2019—but they still remain just as popular. Walkout basements are an interesting design choice for a home. They offer distinct advantages, both practical and aesthetic, including adding an extra point of access, as well as adding a unique look to your home.

A walkout basement improves the look and value of your homeA walkout basement improves the look and value of your home


  • Improved natural lighting: A walkout allows natural light to pour into your basement space freely. A walkout is quite literally the best way to allow natural light into your basement—especially when combined with an open concept design. 
  • Increased home value: Walkouts boost the overall sale value of your home.
  • Unique aesthetic: They offer a unique look and feel to your home.
  • Extra accessibility: A walkout basement provides a private entrance to the downstairs area. This is especially useful if the people living in the basement keep different hours than those living upstairs—they can come and go without disturbing anyone.


  • Pricey installation: Installing a walkout basement is more expensive and complicated than the alternative. A significant section of your basement has to be excavated and then modified to suit the new design. However, it’ll be less expensive (albeit only minimally) if your home is already built on a slope or hill.

3. Home extension

A home extension, in this case, simply means following the same design choices for your basement as the ones you used on your home’s main floor. This includes using nearly every aesthetic choice—the same trim, paint, flooring, etc. 

A home extension isn't the best choice for everyone, though. Many people see their basement as a sort of separate entity from their home—an experimental area where you can let your imagination run wild. So, a home extension would undoubtedly put a damper on that!

Wall colors and railing style remain the same as you transition into the basement
Wall colors and railing style remain the same as you transition into the basement


  • Seamless transition: The style of your main floor will flow quite nicely into your basement space, and vice versa.


  • Less design flexibility: While you’ll still be able to choose what to do with the rooms and general space, your design options will be limited.

4. Guest Rooms

Guest rooms are perhaps the most popular basement design trend in 2019. Guest rooms or “suites” are a perfect design choice if you have family or guests or come over often or stay for extended visits. 

In addition to having rooms that guests and family can use, guest rooms are also a great way to make some extra cash. Renting out your guest rooms yourself or using a third-party company like Airbnb can help pad the mortgage payment!

Example of a stylish basement guest room in Mount Airy, MD
Example of a stylish basement guest room in Mount Airy, MD


  • Guest comfort: Guests and family will always be happy to stay with you when visiting. They won’t be in a cramped room or have to pay for a hotel—you’ll have a comfortable and private room for them to use!
  • Passive income: You can rent out your guest suites to long-term tenants or short-term ones with Airbnb.


  • Space limitations: Designating rooms for guests limits their capability, and you don’t want to constantly move stuff around if you plan to try and use the room for multiple purposes.
  • Can be pricey: This is more of a neutral aspect rather than a con. How much extra money it will cost you to design guest quarters in your basement really depends on your budget and vision. For example, if you want each room to have access to a private bath, it’ll cost you quite a bit more than having guests use a shared bathroom.

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If you’re struggling to decide which basement design trends to use this year, a professional service may be your best option.

At, we’re constantly aware of the ever-changing housing environment. We stay up to date on the latest and greatest trend designs. We’ll help you choose what designs would best suit your needs! With experts in 3D modeling and design, you can narrow down a design without actually having to do any work!

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