Do Houses in Virginia Have Basements?

Do Houses in Virginia Have Basements?


Do Houses in Virginia Have Basements?

Virginia houses do have basements – but not all throughout the state. Virginia basements are the most popular in Northern Virginia. Remodeling a basement in Virginia always depends on two conditions:

  • Frost line
  • Soil type

When the ground freezes during winter, the pressure can be enough to push in the very foundation of a building. It can even lift a building off of its foundation if enough frost gathers underneath the floor. This is not a problem, however, when the basement is constructed beneath the frost line because the soil does not freeze.

A frost line close to the surface makes the space too shallow for a basement. This usually happens in states farther south than Virginia (which is why most states in the South do not have basements).

Soil type is usually the deciding factor with Virginia basements. Expansive subsoils like clay are very common in Virginia, which is not good for basements because changes in moisture can cause structural damage to the foundation. The soil puts pressure on the foundation walls when it becomes saturated, and when the soil is dry, it leaves gaps and creates instability.

Ideally, bedrock is the best type of soil for Virginia basements. The rock and other hardened materials that consist of bedrock are below the frostline and will not easily expand or otherwise shift in accordance to changes in moisture.   

Northern Virginia Basement Remodeling

Northern Virginia often has the correct soil composition and frost line for basement remodeling, renovation and finishing. The following areas are the most popular for Virginia basement remodels:

With the right contractor, Virginia basements can be stylish, functional, and a unique selling point when the time comes. If you need basement remodeling in Northern Virginia, can add, remodel or renovate a basement for your luxury home or business. Be sure to contact today for an online quote and an in-home consultation.

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