5 Common Basement Remodeling Mistakes

5 Common Basement Remodeling Mistakes


Remodeling your basement is a complex process with many factors to consider. Fortunately, we have years of expertise and are here to help! Here are 5 common basement remodeling mistakes to avoid when taking on your next project.

Don’t Put Small Rooms Everywhere

A common basement remodeling mistake is to try and make your downstairs look exactly like the first floor. However, breaking your basement into too many different rooms will most likely make it feel claustrophobic instead of inviting. Rather than closing your basement off, open it up with cabinets, glass doors and archways.

You can delineate different spaces by tastefully using different flooring, decorative columns or half-walls. All of these options can give off a much warmer impression than fully closing the room off.

Not Waterproofing

Depending on where you live, basement floods can be a common or rare occurrence – but eventually, it’s almost bound to happen. Planning a drainage or dehumidifying system now will save you from expensive repairs in the future. Also, be sure to check your foundation for cracks early on and seal them accordingly.

Using The Wrong Materials for the Job

Hardwood floors look nice, but if your basement floods regularly, then you might want to choose a different building material such as LVT. Similarly, you have to make sure to use the correct insulation when building interior walls. Using the incorrect insulation will cause moisture retention and other problems over time.

Not Updating the Stairway

If you are going to go through the effort of remodeling your basement, you should pay special attention to the entrance staircase because an updated basement with an out-of-date staircase will clash noticeably. Iron wrought railings, half-walls, and fancy banisters may better match your new décor.

Not Hiring a Contractor

Basements are oftentimes the hardest area of the house to remodel. Unless you have years of experience, it’s best to leave basement remodeling up to the professionals. Otherwise, you could very well end up hiring one anyway to fix your mistakes, costing you more money and time in the long run!


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