4 Reasons Why Basement Wood Wall Paneling is Back

4 Reasons Why Basement Wood Wall Paneling is Back


Traditional wood paneling in basements harks back to the 60s, but now wall paneling ideas involving wood are back in style. Here’s why traditional wood paneling is being reincorporated into basement remodeling projects in Maryland, Washington DC, and everywhere else.

Natural Warmth

When done tastefully, wood paneling adds a natural sense warmth to a room. Wood paneling can keep brighter paint colors from becoming overwhelming. Conversely, bright wood wall paneling ideas can keep darker colors from becoming too drab.

White wood wall paneling ideas contrast nicely with muted paint colors.

Textural Enhancements

The striped texture of certain wood wall paneling ideas can add visual height to a room – similar to how a striped shirt can elongate the torso. With the right style and placement, you can play with the visual depth of a room using different wall paneling ideas. An architect or a designer will best know how to achieve this look.

Versatile Application

Family rooms, bathrooms and kitchens are just three basement spaces that can be improved with traditional wall paneling. Different ideas can be as subtle or dramatic as you want. For an invitingly uniform appearance, try a paneled ceiling as well.


Basement wood wall paneling is modern, yet classic. Traditional elegance and sophistication exudes from wall paneling made from rare wood. Choosing wooden wall paneling ideas in an art gallery adds architectural symmetry and framework. At the same time, modern, contemporary and transitional themes look great with wood paneling as well.

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