4 Great Basement Storage Ideas Under the Stairs

4 Great Basement Storage Ideas Under the Stairs


If you can’t figure out what to do with the basement area under your stairs, you’re not alone. Fortunately, Basement Masters has put together some great under stairs storage ideas!

Hide the Washer

This bulky appliance doesn’t have to take up precious space when you put it under the stairs. If you have a stacked washer and dryer combo, then you don’t have to devote any more space to a laundry room!

Extra Kitchenette Space

If you have a kitchenlike area, then under the stairs can be where your fridge or wine cabinet goes. Add a few shelves and it can even be used as a makeshift pantry.


A padded bench under the stairs and a bookshelf or CD rack can transform this area into a cozy and relaxing nook.

Pet Den

This same padded area can become a private den for your cats or dogs to nestle together and catch some quality rest.


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