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Both Vinyl Plank and Laminate offer many different features, but either one better than the other?

Recently discovered your basement isn't as comfortable or stylish as it could be? If so, should you focus on comfort or style? Find out in this week's basement remodeling blog post!

Remodeling a basement is a great way to breathe new life into your home and increase its overall value—but how much does it cost?

Looking for a way to make your home's basement stand out from the rest? Try these common engineering ideas with clever designs.

Discover five more clever but relatively simple interior design ideas for your home in 2020.

Here are five things you can do to spruce up your basement's interior aesthetic. From the best basement remodeling blog around,

Thinking about setting up an entertainment center in your basement? Here are three crucial things to keep in mind before getting started.

Choosing a correct basement ceiling is essential for providing a warm and comfortable basement space. But what are your options?

Have an extra room in your basement? Use it as a hobby room!

2020 is almost here—take a look at the five most unique and practical basement wet bar designs of 2019!

Having a basement bathroom is not only convenient, it also increases the value of your home. Still, what do you need to consider before getting started?

Walkouts bring a lot of advantages to a basement, including better lighting and accessibility, but what are some of the disadvantages?

As we approach the new year, look back at some of the hottest design trends of 2019 broken down into the pros and cons.

Designing a new home is a difficult process, but using 3D modeling software makes it much easier! In today's basement blog post, we outline three reasons why you should use basement 3d modeling before getting starting on your next project.

Use these basement design ideas and pictures to tastefully incorporate minimalism into your next luxury basement renovation.

When is basement remodeling in Virginia possible?

Any finished basement can benefit from these three easy-to-follow style tips.

A guide for getting the best basement lighting results for each room of your next remodel.

Homeowners and businessowners around the country are choosing custom cabinets for their basement designs because of these four reasons.

Here's what you need to know about turning your crawl space into a basement.

Not all cities are meant for basement remodeling. Is Washington DC one of them?

Custom wood countertops are trendy once again, and granite countertops never go out of style, but which one is the right choice for you?

Custom bulkhead doors can keep your home safe and your energy bills low.

Learn how to budget ahead of time for your next basement remodeling or finishing project.

Custom basement cabinets have many advantages of standard cabinets, but what are they?

Exactly what qualifies a basement as "finished"? Find out here.

Can you do a basement finishing job yourself? Do only basement contractors know how to finish an unfinished basement the correct way?

Remodeling a basement? Use these expert wood wall paneling ideas.

Make the basement entertainment center the focal point of your downstairs with these 6 terrific basement entertainment center ideas!

Understanding the four different types of basement construction will make a big difference when buying a home.

Follow these crucial basement home theater ideas for the best moviegoing experience possible.

Here’s how you can remodel a basement so that it can be enjoyed by every member of the family . . .

Basement design ideas are always changing – here’s what’s new in 2018!

These egress window ideas will keep your basement looking tidy and charming all year long!

Here’s why winter is the perfect season for basement remodeling.

If you’ve been asking yourself “what color should I paint the basement walls” lately, this quick guide will surely help narrow down your options.

4 basement ideas for storage under the stairs!

Pros and cons of the best basement flooring options.

Luxury vinyl vs laminate flooring – which is better?

Find out when basement insulation is important and when you can forget about it.

Digging out a basement can add value to your home, but take these 5 things into consideration first!

Learn why basement fireplaces are popular and see popular basement fireplace designs.

Basement wainscoting is in style – here’s what you need to know!

5 egress window decorating ideas to maximize your basement area.

Don’t touch your basement without checking out these 2017 basement remodeling ideas first!

Basement finishing is an essential part of owning a home – here’s why.

Remodeling or finishing your basement has many other benefits besides simply looking great!

What new wet bar design trends has 2017 brought us so far?

Basement tray ceilings are a continuously popular ceiling design choice, but what are some of the benefits?

Are you committing any of these 5 basement blunders?

Find out what’s in-style for 2017.

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