Top 3 Hottest Basement Design Trends for 2017

Top 3 Hottest Basement Design Trends for 2017

Basement design trends are constantly changing, and one of our many jobs at Basement Master is to keep an eye on the latest emerging basement design fashions so that we can provide the latest styles to our wonderful clients. So far, 2017 is shaping up to be a huge year for basement design trends. Here’s what’s going to be in-style this year for sure.

Basement Design Trends #1: Modern Meets Retro

This year, mixing old and new design concepts is going to be way “in”. This is already happening in the Washington-Bethesda area, which is deeply rooted in American history and incorporates many traditional styles into its interior designs. Retro trends and vintage looks will resurface and merge with contemporary furnishings and building materials in the ultimate cultural fusion.

Basement Design Trends #2: Go Mosaic!

2016 was a good year for mosaic tiling, and 2017 will continue this basement design fashion in full force. Mosaic tiles are so trendy right now that they may soon replace regular bathroom tiles in overall popularity. Designer patterned tiles will power past the bathroom and extend to virtually every other room imaginable in 2017.

Basement Design Trends #3: All White Equals Boring

This final interior basement design fashion our my personal favorite. The standard and long-favored traditional white is being replaced by more dramatic colors, both bright and dark. Striking greens and purples are becoming the norm instead of being reserved for the occasional accent wall.

We have been doing this for some time and it always creates a well-received response. Here are two examples: first, and second.

Want More Great Basement Design Fashions?

If you are looking for pictures of new basement design fashions, then check out our full portfolio for more great ideas. Better yet, contact us for a free quote!



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