Ideas for Your Under-the-Stairs Space

With our expert guidance, no area of your basement will be underutilized, not even your under-the-stairs space! From an extravagant staircase bookshelf to entire wardrobes, we have a litany of astonishing design plans that will give you under stairs storage options the likes of which you have never seen before. For example, if your basement is not large enough for a kids’ playroom, or if you do not feel like devoting a large portion of the basement for this purpose, then let us carefully craft a miniature kids’ playroom area just by utilizing a small portion of space under the stairs. With a mock house stencil on the outside with a working light switch and a small window hole, your kid will truly have a space that they can call all of their own (finally leaving the rest of the downstairs to design as you wish). Call now and let us create simple, practical, and stylishly clean storage spaces under the stairs for your basement for you.

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