5 Common Basement Bugs in Maryland that Could Indicate a Water Problem

5 Common Basement Bugs in Maryland that Could Indicate a Water Problem

Do you have bugs living in your basement? Almost undoubtedly so. While most common basement bugs in Maryland are essentially harmless, there are 5 in particular that could indicate a serious water problem in your basement that needs to be addressed.

1. Silverfish

These grey bugs are about an inch in length and only come out at night. They will eat small holes into many items that people keep in their basement for storage such as books and photographs, and even cotton clothing, which making them potential pests in your downstairs dwelling.

These common basement bugs in Maryland also like to feast on mold, which means that they are good indicators of a leaky basement. If you see a suddenly influx of silverfish in your basement, you might want to see if there is a leak nearby that is attracting them.

2. Centipedes

Did you know that a single centipede can live for up to 6 years? This makes them quite the persistent pests if left unchecked. They like to lay their eggs in moist soil, and they prefer to live in damp places in general. Therefore, if you see lots of centipedes in your basement, it could mean that a water problem is making the conditions damp enough for them to move in.

3. Mold Mites

As their name suggests, mold mites like to go wherever mold is. So if you see them cropping up around your basement, them some sort of fungus likely isn’t far behind. And behind every case of basement mold is a source of water, which means a leaky pipe, foundational cracks, or something similar could be to blame.

4. Earwigs

Though one of the least common basement bugs in Maryland, you will occasionally hear of earwigs in a basement from time to time. These nocturnal insects prefer to hang out in damp soil and tree stumps outside, so if you do see some in your basement, chances are you have a bad water problem. Although these bugs do not cause much damage to a home per se, they are a good indication that something could be wrong.

5. Pillbugs

Pillbugs in the basement means that a water problem may be to blame. These pillbugs prefer soft and damp soil, so if you see them in your basement, it could mean that the surrounding soil is oversaturated, which could lead to cracks in the foundation (and other problems).

Are You Experiencing Any of These Common Maryland Bugs In Your Basement?

If so, you may have a water problem that Basement Masters can help with. Learn more about waterproofing your basement so that you can keep pests, moisture and mold out of your home or business once and for all!

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