10 Professional Basement Remodeling Tips

10 Professional Basement Remodeling Tips

When you deal with as many basements as we do (hundreds upon hundreds), you are bound to learn a few basement remodeling tips along the way. Here are 10 basement remodeling tips that will leave your basement looking as good as the rest of your home!

1.) Family Rooms Are a Must

Your basement is the perfect place for your family to gather and socialize. A kids’ playroom or family room with an HDTV and an oversized couch is practically a traditional basement staple when remodeling. Putting a family room in the center of the basement can make your downstairs area feel as warm and inviting as the main floor.

2.) Consider Guest Spaces

The basement can be a great spot for guests or teenagers. Basement remodeling tips for the guest rooms include considering the size of the room before choosing an appropriate mattress size, and making sure your basement bedroom is up to code by having emergency exits (and other requirements).

3.) Use Your Basement to Entertain Others

The basement makes for the perfect retreat during unfavorable weather or for low-key gatherings. Transform your basement into the ultimate entertainment center with a kitchen-like wet bar and recreational game room (with ping pong, pool, and more). Here are some basement remodeling tips for a home theater setup: go with a tray ceiling with movie lighting and a built-in sound system!  

4.) Make it a Multi-Purpose Downstairs

A practical basement can make life much easier. Remodeling your laundry room with the proper shelving and sink can make it twice as convenient as before. If you are looking to improve yourself, installing a home gym gives you absolutely no excuse not to work out this week (or every day)!

5.) Stairs Matter

Stairs are usually the way to get in and out of your newly remodeled basement, and therefore, they also make the first impression.

Basement remodeling tips to make your stairs better:

  • Go with classic iron wrought bars (if they match your home)
  • Take advantage of storage with under-the-stairs closets.
  • For the ultimate in designer entrance, go with a walk-out.

6.) Finish the Walls

The concrete foundation walls in your basement may reinforce your home, but they also can be an eyesore. If you want to make your downstairs look as nice as the rest of your home, then here are some basement remodeling tips for hiding the foundation.

Cover the concrete with:

  • Drywall
  • Paneling
  • Mosaic tiles

7.) Finish the Ceilings

Nothing kills the ambiance of a basement more than an open ceiling. You need to hide the pipes and ductwork with a ceiling that’s dropped or suspended. Hollow ceiling beams can give your basement a cottage feel without costing as much as one.

8.) Choose the Right Flooring

With LVT, your basement floors can be practical and durable without sacrificing aesthetics. Carpet can help delineate different rooms without putting up additional walls.

9.)  The Right Lighting for the Right Feel

Strong lighting is necessary to both give a welcoming vibe and to showcase all of your other great basement features. Basement remodeling tips for lighting:

  • Recessed lights are great for areas where you’ll be at work or at play (such as the office or kids’ playroom).
  • Table lamps are perfect for keeping corners well-lit and not shadowy.

10.) Windows and Door Planning

Speaking of lighting, you might want to enlarge your current basement windows to let more natural light come through. Adding exterior doors and window wells are two great ways that will help further ventilate your basement (but should always be left to the professionals).

Want More Great Basement Remodeling Tips?

Basement Masters has plenty of them! We have been remodeling hundreds of basements for years, and we want to take a look at yours. Check out more basement remodeling tips and then head on over to our main page to find out how we can make them happen in your basement!

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