Why Should You Choose BasementRemodeling.com?

Because WE UNDERSTAND your risks, we OFFER to compare:

Unreliable Companies
Our Company
Welcomes you to our office
Unreliable Companies  Won’t invite you into their office

There may not even be an office, which means that the work is done "on the fly”, and that they are also hard to find if (and when) something goes wrong.

Our Company  Welcomes you to our office

We always invite you to our office, where we can properly discuss all the details of your project face-to-face over a friendly cup of coffee.

Has all necessary documentation – licenses, insurance certification
Unreliable Companies  Have little-to-no legal documentation

If a company cannot show their licenses, insurance certification, etc. – they most likely do not have them.

Our Company  Has all necessary documentation – licenses, insurance certification

See our licenses and insurance certification 

Has workers’ compensation insurance
Unreliable Companies  Have no workers’ compensation insurance

If you like unreasonable risks,  then go ahead and hire a contractor without proper workers’ compensation insurance.

Our Company  Has workers’ compensation insurance

We carry workers’ compensation insurance. We collect all necessary insurance certificates from all of our subcontractors, and everyone involved with your project is covered by this insurance.

Will only hire professionals
Unreliable Companies  Hire unqualified staff

Many companies appeal to unskilled laborers and unreliable subcontractors to save money. Only after they have left will you notice their shoddy work.

Our Company  Will only hire professionals

We have strong and sustainable relationships with subcontractors, which leads to confidence in project planning and implementation.

A rigid schedule in real time
Unreliable Companies  Purposefully underestimate deadlines

Some contractors will agree quickly to any timeline just to get the job. Afterwards, however, all you hear are excuses about delays that cost you money.

Our Company  A rigid schedule in real time

We can accurately determine the exact date and time of your project’s completion. No fiction.

Is always in touch
Unreliable Companies  Are inaccessible

A hard-to-reach company won’t pick up the phone or answer e-mails.

Our Company  Is always in touch

From signing the contract to final touches, we are always available on the phone and by e-mail.

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