Susan Lee, Columbia, MD

Susan Lee's Review:

I interviewed three contractors for this job, and the prices were remarkably similar. Two of the three estimated 2 weeks to complete the job. Frankly, this sounded unbelievable to me. Pavel of Basement Masters estimated 6-8 weeks - in my experience, a lot more likely. Still, I pressed Pavel for the reason that his estimate was so much longer than the others. He proceeded to reel off every task that had to be done, the order in which they had to be done, how long each would take, which ones could overlap and which could not, and why. This had the unmistakable ring of a man who knows his job - and one that would say what was right, not what he thought the customer wanted to hear.
On this basis, I hired Basement Masters, and I don't believe I could have done better. Everyone who worked at my house was skilled, worked hard, was polite and professional. Pavel kept everything moving, including me. When I had a decision to make or an order to place, I heard about it. The basement came out great - better than I would have thought. It's gone from an eyesore to a showpiece.
Normally, this would be the end - good experience, good product. I feel I have to go a little further for this exceptional company. Normally, I hate the contractor experience - frustrating, or annoying, or both - but it was a pleasure to work with Pavel and Basement Masters. I felt like I had gone to watch my son's middle school basketball game and somehow ended up watching the Harlem Globe Trotters. For those of you who don't like sports - I bought tickets for rodeo and saw the Lipizzaners. Oh, well, you get the picture. If I have another job these people say they can do, I will hire them in a heartbeat.

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