Janet Cara, Potomac, MD

Janet Cara's Review:

My husband and I spend a great deal of time in Maryland at my daughter’s house with her, our son-in-law, and our grandson. When they announced that they were expecting another child, we decided to renovate their 1000 square foot basement into a comfortable space for the two of us. I had no prior experience planning a renovation. I naively thought that I would simply hire a contractor, tell him what I wanted, and the work would be done, within the limits of my budget. Little did I know that my choice of a contractor would turn out to be the single most important factor in determining the outcome of my renovation. 

I began my online search for a contractor in the Maryland area through the Houzz app. I chose five contractors based their exemplary reviews from former clients. I met with each one of them and obtained estimates for the basement renovation. The estimate I got from Basement Masters was the most reasonable, however, my decision to use them was not based on that alone. I chose Basement Masters because when I met Pavel, he didn’t just “yes” me to death. He really listened to my ideas for the basement, and thoughtfully offered his expertise and guidance when necessary. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, but I learned that there were numerous details to be discussed and decisions to be made as the work proceeded. In retrospect, I realize that my original plan was really very vague and without Pavel’s knowledge, support, and guidance, I would have been totally lost. 
The location of the renovation presented an unusual challenge. I was not going to be on site for a majority of the time. Pavel and I kept in very close contact through calling and texting. I knew that I could text him at any time and receive a response from him immediately. I was always able to reach him directly within seconds. 

Once the work began, I did not anticipate the possibility that I might change my mind about decisions I had made. However, when that did happen, Pavel not only tolerated my questions and indecisiveness; he actually encouraged me to consider and explore all of the options available. He often sent me pictures or websites that had examples of materials for me to consider. For example, in an effort to save money, we were going to keep the original laminate flooring in the majority of the basement and install a different flooring in an area that was being torn up to remove an unwanted bar. Midway through the reno, we decided to replace the entire floor. I’m sure it threw off his entire crew’s work schedule. He was extremely flexible and it was never a problem for him to change the original plans to accommodate us. And the finished floor is spectacular!  

Pavel was on site on a regular basis to see that every aspect of the reno was being addressed properly, from paint to electric to finishes. He takes obvious pride in his work. His attention to detail is phenomenal. I absolutely love the custom work on the cabinets, the kitchen island that he designed, the wainscoting throughout the main living space, and the millwork surrounding the fireplace.  
I am, undeniably, a perfectionist. Fortunately for me, Pavel shares my passion for perfection. I am thrilled with the renovation! It is exquisitely beautiful and exceptionally functional! I would not change a thing. It surpasses anything that I could ever have imagined. We will enjoy this space for many, many years to come. I am certain that if I had not chosen Basement Masters and Pavel had not been my contractor, the result would have been very different. Pavel is the ultimate professional. It was a pleasure working with him and his highly competent crew. Thank you, Basement Masters!

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