Darlene Orr, Columbia, MD

Darlene Orr's Review:

Doing this project with Basement Masters was actually a very enjoyable experience. I had a vague idea of what I wanted and Pavel Abaev was able to pick up on that and make it a reality. The first night he came out, it was after dark and our basement was so full of stuff that I was wondering if he would be able to figure out a floor plan. I had to shove boxes aside to show him where the rough-in for a toilet was.  Interestingly enough,  I had already had 2 other companies come out and the first thing those companies did was pull out their measuring tape and start figuring out how much to charge per square foot. Pavel didn’t even need a measuring tape – he instantly knew the space to be finished was about 700 square feet. I was amazed. Then he looked at the toilet rough in and instantly knew it would have to be moved about 2 feet to make room for a shower and that he could fit a 5’ X 3’ shower into the space between the existing furnace and stairs.  Mind you, there were boxes piled as high as my head and you had to squeeze sideways between my stuff.  Pavel is so experienced with basements and their many idiosyncrasies that things I thought would be difficult, such as how to hide the furnace and get around random plumbing, were not obstacles at all for him. He already had an eye on where to put walls so that I would gain the most space while at the same time keep things aesthetically pleasing.  

After a good half-hour of listening to my inexperienced ramblings we went upstairs and Pavel pulled out a Welcome Brochure that is actually a booklet that contains everything you might ever want in your basement with a cost breakdown. Pavel pointed out the company’s credentials, license numbers, insurance policy, etc. – everything you want a company to have but are generally afraid to ask.  Pavel is very upfront with everything and I learned to trust him early into the project – something I never felt I could do with previous projects or companies.  Other companies suggest things that make it easier for them but may not be in your best interest. The total opposite is true of Pavel – he brings up things you may not have thought of even though it will make more work for him and his crew, but knowing that if he didn’t bring it up you might later realize you should have done it that way and you wouldn’t be totally happy.    

As others have said, his crew and the people he orchestrates to do the tile, painting, flooring, granite, and carpet are all experts in their field and reliable. Even so, Pavel is constantly checking that they are doing perfect work and doing things in a world class manner. Even as picky as I am, Pavel was pickier and held the workers to a very high standard.  Any basement that Basement Masters creates could go in the finest mansion- the work is that good.   At the same time, Pavel’s price was the best out of the three companies I had come out. One company, also on Angie’s list, had never heard of LVT, and every time I brought up some of the things I had learned from Pavel, such as using soundproofing drywall and spray-foam insulation, the  guy looked pained and said that would really run up the cost. With Basement Masters, it cost a little more but was still in the reasonable range. What I liked also with BM was that I could pay a little more and get the best, such as Benjamin Moore paint and the highest finishing grade on the drywall so I could use the eggshell finish I preferred.   Just for a comparison, the other company wanted upwards of $75,000 to finish my basement on a comparable level. On the other hand, Basement Masters, even with all of my “upgrades” such as full tile shower, frameless shower door, LVT flooring, level 5 finish on the drywall, spray-foam insulation, sound-proof ceiling drywall and Benjamin Moore paint, my total cost was $53,753. I could go on and on with how happy I am with my basement and how easy it was to work with Basement Masters. The only reason you should get other estimates is so that you feel great when you get Basement Masters’.

The best part of the project is working with Pavel because he is always available, always gets you an answer right away, and you can trust him.

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